Sofia and the stubborn

Sofia and the stubborn is back in NYC !

! The routine waits for you every day, dreams don´t !

On September 4 Sofia and Stubborn returns to New York. Exclusive feature in the General Consulate of Colombia in NYC Central.

From 6:30 pm the movie assistants will enjoy  Andres Burgos Vallejo´s movie, who participated with great success in the 2013 Colombian Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas.

Movie for the whole family!

Don´t miss it!


Sofia and her husband live in a small village in the Colombian countryside. Their life has just been a long repetition of facts for years. They grew here, married and they know everybody in the village. He is the owner of a grocery. She makes everything in their house: she chooses his clothes in the morning, prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner, feeds the birds, cleans… And she has an old dream: she wants to go to the sea whereas she has always known mountains. But Gustavo always has good reasons to delay the trip. He cannot let his grocery, his employee cannot get by himself… So that Sofia will need a help, from her friend Mercedes for example. Or she will have to take charge.


Andrés Burgos Vallejo

Andrés Burgos Vallejo Drama

Cast : Julián Arango, Jair Romero, Carlos Manuel Vesga, Eva María González y Carmen Maura






Carmen Maura, Winner of the Palme d’Or in Cannes

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